All Change…. Again!

And it’s all change again for the Birmingham MCM! Seriously, does this always happen? How many other Cosplayers find that their plans change at the last minute? Or am I just rubbish at this planning thing?

Anyway, the fact of the matter is that having to go on residential training for my new job and therefore only really spending weekends at home has made it incredibly difficult to work on anything at all. It makes me feel a bit irritated, that I haven’t really made anything, but at the same time, I am really enjoying the time I am at the Academy, so I can’t really complain. Having a nine-to-five job is a great feeling, even if it does take away from the time I would normally spend on making things.

So, it’s on to the back-up plan, which is Alice Kingsley from Tim Burton’s version of Alice in Wonderland. My friend made a blue Alice outfit some time ago and I was lucky enough to try it on while I was at hers the other week, and it fits! The outfit itself is really quite amazing; my friend has done an amazing job, right down to the frilly bloomers that you will never actually see, but are there anyway. I have also always loved Alice in Wonderland, and was considering making my own version of her red outfit at some point in the future. So, right now, I am planning a wig and shoes; those are the only things I have left to acquire.

My hair is short and red; not really suitable for Alice, and I am seeking a pair of white, Victorian style boots to finish off the set. I am also investing in some new make up for MCM, and will be practicing the “natural” look that Alice pulls off so well. The wig I have in mind is a darkish blonde curly one from Coscraft, which is not utterly perfect (the fringe is shorter than I would have liked) but it seems like the best, good quality option I have.

Tomorrow, shoe shopping!


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