Progress on LeFay

So, obviously, LeFay was not completed for MCM Birmingham, and since then I have had little time to work on it due to a house move.  It’s quite difficult to sew things when the sewing machine is in a box at the bottom of a pile of boxes!

But, as things stand, the apron and bustle train are finished, as are the leg ruffles and headpiece.  Once I acquire some boning, I will be able to continue with the bustier.  I have taken most of it (the bustier) apart as I was not happy with the way it was fitting, and with good cause – I had somehow managed to sew the seams too small!  Once those are fixed, and the boning purchased, I should be able to make good headway with it.  I am also debating at the moment what kind of decoration to put on the front.  It currently has a nice little ruffle at the bust, but I wanted something to go right in the centre to really make the ruffles pop.  I wish I could show you some proper photos, but at the moment, I am in Leeds, two hours away from home!

I will, however, show you some older pictures that I took for a little bit of fun, just so you can see how shiny and pretty the material is!


Detail from the apron section.  Note the lace-up back, instead of a traditional buckle or button. I wanted the apron to be used as a bustle as well as an apron, so the corset-style panel made more sense as the whole piece can be worn reversed now.


Detail of the crystals and pearls that feature throughout the design.  I have used Swarovski brand embellishments, simply because I know and trust their quality.


Close up detail of the headpiece, once more featuring Swarovski crystals and pearls, plus gold coloured seed beads and green wire.  The idea was to have it look like a tiara, all sparkly and regal, while at the same time, rough and… what’s the word I’m looking for? Alive?  I suppose…  Organic…?


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