New Cosplay: Medusa

I blame my friend, Julia, for this one, as I have had one of her songs going through my head for something like three months now!  Anyway, this song, coupled with my finding of an old wig I used for a photoshoot once, inspired me to create a Steampunk themed Medusa outfit.  It was also coincidental that about a year ago, I took a stash of scrap fabric off of Julia’s hands, and it had several pieces of green and brown fabric in it.  I decided there and then that brown and green would be my colour scheme for Medusa, taking inspiration from the common grass snake.

I already had a brown corset-top that I decided I would use, made of leatherette with brass-coloured buckles, d-rings and studs.  But other than that, I decided to make everything!

My first stop was the skirt.  I knew I wanted something asymmetrical, and also something that had some kind of decorative folding and buttoning.  I wanted it to mimic shedding skin in that it could be undone to reveal more of what was underneath, most notably, my leg, but also potentially some long boots, spats or bloomers.  I also considered a petticoat, but I figured that it would probably get too warm, so have completed the design with the intention of being worn without.  I also decided that I was going to minimise my use of seams, as I wanted to give Medusa a tatty, rough look, as though she had attempted to make herself look presentable without any real understanding of Human clothing.

I discovered that I had a rectangular piece of mottled green fabric that perfectly created the skirt I was looking for, without having to cut a pattern!  I simply wrapped the piece around myself, pinned where I wanted the zip to go, created a drawstring waistband, and tacked the drapes into place.  It was much easier than I had expected it to be!  I added some brass-coloured metal buttons down the front to complete the underskirt.  I also made a yellow-green organza apron and train from the same pattern I used for LeFay, with rolled seams as organza tends to fray and come apart easier than cottons and polycottons, and despite my wanting a frayed and tattered look, that’s a bit too much!

DSC_5293  DSC_5294  DSC_5324

I have also taken a couple of scraps of fabric in browns to create a sash and a drape on the skirt, but there aren’t finished yet as they need some hooks and d-rings on them.  I also started a jabot, which again, isn’t finished yet.  However, the real statement of the outfit is going to be the wig, which I hope to begin working in when my hair doughnut and florist’s wire arrive!

DSC_5321  DSC_5322  DSC_5320

It doesn’t look quite right on the mannequin, but I am hoping that the addition of snake motifs and coiled snakes will complete the look, along with the mad wig!


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