One Day, One Project: Valkyria’s Jacket

Anyone who knows me will know that I have problems focussing on one thing at a time.  I always have a hundred and one projects rolling through my head at any point, and it takes a lot for me to sit and focus on only one thing.  The Steampunk Dredd coat and waistcoat I made, for example, are possibly one of the few times I really knuckled down and concentrated on a single idea.  So, I have decided to do at least one One Day, One Project a month.  The idea of ODOP is to force me into actually finishing something to a wearable point, a feat that is difficult for me as I always find myself becoming distracted by new ideas and thoughts that pop into my head.

The current ODOP theme is Valkyria, the Post-Apocalyptic Steampunk Sniper.  She is a creation of my own, taking inspiration from Steampunk, Mad Max: Fury Road and Priest.  Her outfit is based on the dusty browns and greens of a land torn between complete devastation and extreme beauty.  The paradises scattered throughout the scarred and torn landscape are highly contested by those left behind after the apocalyptic disaster, and Valkyria’s skills with a long-range weapon are highly sought after.  When not taking headshots, Valkyria uses her survival and weapons skills to seek out her own lost paradise, where her sister, Freya, waits for her.


While I have most of Valkyria’s lower half already sorted, her top half is was still pretty bare.  I decided to make my first ODOP Valkyria’s Jacket, which I designed to maintain a military theme, but bearing in mind that the Post-Apocalyptic world I am envisioning is both dusty and hot.

I took inspiration from two different pre-printed patterns for this, starting with a basic bolero body and incorporating a more military style puffed sleeve and pointed collar/cuffs.

I chose a cotton drill fabric, as it is both light and durable, and a polycotton lining, which also doubled as the contrast for the collar and cuffs.  I tried to get the drill as close to the colour of a military hat I own as possible, as I intend to wear the hat as part of my outfit.  It wasn’t possible to completely match the colour, as the hat is pretty old and faded, but it’s damn close!  I used a brown polycotton that I found in my stash, partly to save money, and partly because I felt that the brown would make a nice contrast to the drill.


DSC_5371 DSC_5372

So, I spent the whole of Sunday working on this jacket.  And tada!  I actually went from drawing the pattern all the way to having a working jacket in just one day!  Of course, it still needs pressing, and it could probably do with some embellishments, but I am pretty pleased with what I have done so far.  Particularly because this is the first time I have mashed elements from multiple patterns together.

Valkyria is well on the way to completion, and with a holiday from work coming up, I may take an extra bit of time to finish it off!


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