Those Little Details

Accessories can make or break a Cosplay or outfit, and recently I have been working on some little additions for two outfits for “Shades”.  One of them is for a character I myself am modelling, and the other is for a character that someone else is modelling, but I did the accessories because I already had the parts to do so!

So, you all know LeFay, as she was my first attempt at making clothing and never quite made it to the convention.  I have been working on her headpiece a bit more, trying to finish it off and create a hairstyle for her.  Thus far, I have worked out a style, and am just waiting for some new headpins to finish off the front of the tiara.  The hairstyle is simple and quick to reproduce, with no need for styling products or stitching, so I have no worries about using the wig elsewhere until LeFay is needed.


DSC_5564 DSC_5565


The second character is the Celtic Dryad, and for her, I have been crafting a headpiece, necklace and earrings.

For the headpiece, I wanted to keep it appearing as organic as possible, while still containing an element of regality and mysticism.  I took a lot of inspiration from ivy, with its spirals, twists and weaving.  The resulting headpiece is delicate and flexible, but I think captures a woodland beauty.



The necklace is incredibly simple, and is designed to that it can adapt to the neck of the wearer, as it does not actually clasp closed.  It can be reshaped to fit, and that is what gives it that natural feel.  Unfortunately I don’t have a full picture of it to show.

The earrings are again ridiculously simple, just two leaves on a latched fishhook ear wire.  There is nothing fancy about them, and that’s why I like them.  They are simple, and they do a job – nothing more.  Simplicity sometimes is the best policy.


All of the Celtic Dryad items were made with gold wire/findings (that I already had) and metallic skeleton leaves that were bought from Skeleton Leaves for another project a while ago.


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