A Game of Foam

Recently, I decided I wanted to attempt a cosplay of a favourite anime character of mine.  I wasn’t particularly worried about the costume aspect, as the outfit is quite simple.  What was bothering me, was her equipment.  She has a very specific item, unique to her, which I would LOVE to create, but, I have never made anything quite like it before.  I’ve never made any sort of armour or weapon-based items, and I have certainly never worked with any sort of 3D modelling outside of putting together miniatures and models!

I therefore decided, after contemplating various thermoplastics such as Warbla, to work with craft foam.  It’s cheap to buy, easy to cut, and I’ve been assured it’s perfect for beginners.  On top of that, I know a great many people who work with it in various thicknesses, so I have plenty of help if I need it.

I was given some 2mm thick sheets of foam by Clckwrkwlf, and, armed with a series of pictures from my Pinterest, I spent the last day and a half bodging something together!

Here are the results so far (can you guess the cosplay yet?):





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