Valkyria Shoulder Maille

It’s been a while since I posted anything about my original character, Valkyria, but I have finally taken her outfit out of storage and started to look at finishing it as I may need it for a photoshoot next week. For the most part, it’s complete, but the corset isn’t going to be finished on time. This isn’t going to cause too much of an issue, because I have a leatherette corset I can wear instead. However, I really wanted to get the shoulder maille finished – the Valkyria piece utilises three different mailling techniques and I am really quite proud of the fact that I have learnt how to do them by myself, so I wanted to show it off!

Since the last time I showed the piece, there have been a few more “trophy” additions, including a wooden button, clock/watch parts, and come traditional gears with attached charms. The whole idea of the shoulder piece is that it displays small items that mean something significant to Valkyria – it is a mish-mash of rubbish and collected pieces that, on their own, are completely worthless, but in the grand scheme of Valkyria’s story, they hold sentimental value.


My favourite new addition is actually the watch movement with dangling cogs. I love mechanical watch movements, and I am starting to build up a collection of pocket watches as a result. The intricacy of the watch has always fascinated me – all of the pieces have to mesh together perfectly, otherwise the watch simply doesn’t work. I love that idea, so I knew I had to incorporate some of that aesthetic into the piece. It’s a reminder to work as a cohesive whole – that we can not truly reach our full potential unless we are complete. This watch no longer works, but the individual pieces can still serve as a reminder that we are part of a bigger picture.



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