Wirework practice

While practicing my wirework techniques, I somehow wound up crafting a tree out of reclaimed copper wire. I ended up with four trees in various sizes. One I kept to give to the “Shades” project as an organic method of demonstrating progress (which you will probably read about over on the Shades website sometime soon), one I gave to my mother as a gift, and the other two I decided to hang on to and see if I could “finish” them in some way, as they didn’t feel complete.

I decided to focus working on the gnarly stumpy tree I had crafted, simply because I love gnarly old trees in real life! And so, if you can excuse my creased backdrop, this is how stumpy tree has ended up!


Stumpy tree now has some pretty blue “foliage”! I also found that piece of slate and it stood so perfectly on it, I just had to take the photo with the tree on, even though it isn’t glued down or anything.

The copper wire was reclaimed from some discarded metering cable that an electrician friend of mine had – as it was only going to be sent off for recycling anyway, some was spared for me! I also used copper coloured headpins and some blue seed beads to create the fine foliage twists and spirals.



This took about three days to complete in total, mainly due to how fiddly and small the headpins were, and I broke so many seed beads I lost count in the end!

Materials List:

  • Copper Wire (reclaimed metering cable, 25mm and 16mm)
  • Headpins (copper coloured)
  • Seed beads (pale blue)

Tool List:

  • Cable Crops
  • Needle nosed pliers
  • Flat nosed pliers
  • Round nosed pliers
  • Angled pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Folding knife (to remove the outer sheath of the cable)
  • Green traffi-gloves
  • Red traffi-gloves

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