Interesting Blog: Adventures with Mala

I had intended to do one of these more often, but it would appear that I got distracted by a myriad of pretty things elsewhere! One of my weaknesses is that I become so engrossed in reading blogs, that I forget to write about them afterwards!

So anyway, I have recently been in conversation with a lovely American Cosplayer by the name of Mala Foxx. The reason I contacted her is because I was interested in doing a talk about Steampunk misconceptions at the Asylum this year, and her blog post on the matter provided me with a wonderful starting point to build content for the presentation. I haven’t been given the official go-ahead for it yet, but I think that I will be making a video on that subject regardless.
So, Mala’s blog details aspects of Cosplay, Steampunk, movies and a little something called Causeplay, which is something I had never heard of until I read her blog. It’s certainly a fabulous idea, and I hope to find a similar-minded group here in the UK sometime soon. I found the blog a couple of months after joining WordPress when I spotted it on my recommendations, and since then it has been a go-to blog whenever I am feeling down. The reason for that is because Mala’s Cosplays are so colourful and creative, and her posts always have a degree of fun to them; they really cheer me up and make me want to be involved again. I have found a lot of drive while reading the blog, and it doesn’t even have to be a post about Cosplay or Steampunk that does it – simply reading a funny review of a so-crap-it’s-good B-movie can give me that little push I need to get going.

What’s also nice is that she has a Facebook page that compliments her blog and allows followers to keep up to date with her WIPs, so I have liked that too! [Really should start getting my FB page sorted soon….]

Find her blog at
Find the Facebook page at



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