What To Do With Offcuts…?

Well, in my case, I make jewellery!

After completing my very first corset, I still had some of the lace, pearls, crystals and a matching cameo left over. I then found a skirt hook sitting on the coffee table.

Was it fate?

Or was it just that I am incredibly messy and rubbish at putting things away?

Either way, I threw together a little choker necklace in about fifteen minutes for a bit of fun, and I really love it!

Shown here on the corset – no reason, it just looked nice!


I don’t think I really need to explain how I made it, but perhaps I had better explain why I chose to use the skirt hook, and not velcro or a lobster clasp.

First off, I didn’t have a lobster clasp. I had initially planned on making it extendable but, given that I had no chain either, I simply ditched the idea in favour of what I DID have.
Second, velcro gets so itchy – I hate it!
Third, the lace is stretchy, so I wasn’t that worried about choking myself with it!

Skirt hooks are actually pretty handy!


I chose that cameo simply because it matched the corset. It probably won’t go with anything else I ever make, but still, I like it!

Much sparklies! The triangular findings were meant to be a temporary thing but I actually really like them so, I might keep them.

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