Steampunk Mermaid WIP: “Tail”

So, the Steampunk Mermaid is progressing well with the “tail” skirt pretty much done aside from some tidying up of threads. The pannier “fins” are also done, although I may add some additional structural support once the rest of the outfit is complete. The jewellery is all done, and I have the patterns in place for the top and harness. I also have an idea in place for some armlets or similar, though I may make bracers instead if I can find a nice pattern.

In Boyes I found a gorgeous purple satin and matching organza so, sticking with The Little Mermaid as my primary inspiration, I bought some!

The “tail” is made from teal velour and a shimmery form of chiffon, edges in stiff white lace. The panniers are again the chiffon and lace, with the structure being primarily steel boning and cotton casings. The top will be made out of the purple satin and trimmed in the organza.



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