Steampunk Mermaid WIP: Top

I have almost completed the construction of the top for the mermaid, and it has been surprisingly difficult, considering the top itself is made from only two large pieces!

What has really been challenging has been the neck and armhole facings. I have never had to make facings before, and I was having some difficulty getting them the right way round and up! I also think that my interfacing was too stiff. I used medium-weight as it was all I had, but for this kind of thing I could probably have gotten away with a light-weight or fine interfacing to maintain a more flexible hold.

The photo above shows the top before the armhole facings went in, but you can see the neckline facing very clearly. The  bust ruffle has been stitched in place, but not fixed into it’s final shape yet.

As an addition to the pattern, I have included a bust ruffle and an off-the-shoulder type of sleeve made from the organza seen in the previous WIP here. As I am taking my inspiration from Disney’s The Little Mermaid, I wanted to include some hint to the seashell bra, which is why the top is purple. However, I wanted to add some hint to the shape of the bra, and short of actually using seashell cups, which to me was a little too cliche and over the top, this was the closest I could come. The ruffle has been stretched out at the sides, but gathered in the middle, giving the illusion of widening channels, much like the shape of a clam. Because the outfit is supposed to be on the theme of an elegant evening attire, I added the sleeves for aesthetics.

Unfortunately, I discovered that I had sewn one of the sides of one sleeve upside down, so it is now twisted and really quite uncomfortable! Having unpicked it, I now only need to resew that sleeve, tack the facings in place and finish the lower hem to complete the top.

In this picture you can see the twist in the sleeve

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