About Me

Hello, my name is Lily, and I like to Cosplay!

Lily isn’t my real name, but then again, many cosplayers and models do not use their real names so this does not necessarily come as a surprise.  Lily Kenneally is the name I use as my Steampunk “punksona”, and it’s just easier to use it during cosplay too!

I am of Scottish heritage, and live in Lincolnshire.  I am currently working as a Civil Servant and spend my free time making things.  Usually, I make jewellery, but I have also started making clothes since I became a Steampunk.

As of October 2014, I had never been to a ComicCon as a cosplayer.  The one time I did attend (London MCM 2013) I attended under my real name as a trader.  While that was an experience in itself, I believed that I had truly missed out on the full experience that a Con has to offer.  I decided to start this blog as a way to document my experiences as a newcomer to cosplay, and perhaps share how I dealt with the troubles I came across.
I hoped that, by finally attending and exploring my cosplay ideas, I would learn new things about myself and develop as a person, as well as new crafting and fashion techniques that will help me become a better crafter and cosplayer.

Since then, it has developed a little as I explore more about cosplay as a sub-culture, Steampunk, art and crafting techniques.


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