The Cosplay List

Current WIP Cosplay

Death – Darksiders
— Status: Designing

Media Characters

Alice – Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland – Mia Wasikowska
— This cosplay was borrowed from a friend. MK2 Alice featured a new wig as the original was not suitable for the part and was too awkward to care for. Status: On Reserve

Toast the Knowing – Mad Max: Fury Road – Zoe Kravitz
— MK1 of this cosplay saw action at MCM Birmingham in 2015, however I am not happy with it and am revisiting it for MK2. Status: In Progress

SoiFon – Bleach
— Construction of the Zanpakuto is complete, but the rest of the outfit will have to wait until I have more funding. Status: In Progress

Gabriel – Constantine – Tilda Swinton
— Status: Planning

Serah – Final Fantasy XIII
— Status: Planning

Louise – Zero no Tsukaima
— Status: Planning

Genie – Aladdin
— Status: Planning

Jafar – Aladdin
— Status: Planning

Ariel – The Little Mermaid
— Status: Proposed

Android – Dark Matter
— Status: Proposed


Mermaid – The Little Mermaid/Folklore
— Status: In Progress

Sith – Star Wars
— Status: In Progress

Original Characters

LeFay – British Myth – Steampunk
— Primary construction is complete but details are still missing. Status: In Progress

Valkyria – Own Creation – Apocalyptic Sniper
— The outfit is wearable but not complete as it is missing some final details. Parts of the outfit debuted in Samuel Metcalfe’s photo-series, “Time Travellers and Extraordinaires“. Status: Wearable

Aeriella – Myth – Steampunk-themed
— The “tail” is almost finished, and the top is currently under construction. Jewellery and accessories have been completed. Status: In Progress